1st NAFT annual meeting and general assembly 2015, Stockholm

The 1st NAFT annual meeting and general assembly will be held Friday June 12th during the joint meeting between NCFM and NAFT in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel.


  1. Examination of whether the summons took place in due order
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Adjustment of the voting list/reporting of the number of members present
  4. Election of the meeting’s Chairman and Secretary
  5. Election of person to verify the minutes and two tellers
  6. Presentation of the Board’s operating and financial report along with the auditor’s report
  7. The matter of discharge from liability of the Board
  8. Election of the Chairman and other members of the Association’s Board
  9. Election of an auditor and a deputy auditor
  10. Election of an election committee consisting of at least two persons, whereof one convenor
  11. Determination of the size of the membership fee
  12. Long term goal and activities
  13. Short term goals and activities
  14. Other matters which have been notified to the Board by the Board or members and which are included in the agenda

Very welcome to the annual meeting and general assembly.

Robert Kronstrand