Joint NAFT meeting and NCFM 2015, Stockholm

Joint NAFT meeting and Nordic Conference on Forensic Medicine

The 1st official NAFT meeting was held 10-13 June 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, as a joint meeting with the 19th Nordic Conference on Forensic Medicine.

Comprehensive program and information about the event is available on the conference homepage.

Scientific program

Wednesday, June 10

11:00-16:00     Registration

13:00-15:00     Workshop 1: The challenge of new psychoactive substances.

13:00-15:00     Workshop 2: Time of death estimation.

15:00-15:30     COFFEE BREAK

15:30-17:30     Workshop 3: Reporting evidence.

15:30-17:30     Workshop 4: Molecular autopsy.

15:30-17:30     Workshop 5: Sample preparation strategies.

15:30-17:30     Workshop 6: Screening and confirmation strategies.

15:30-17:30     Workshop 7: Alternative matrices in forensic toxicology.

18:30-20:30     Get together – Welcome reception

Thursday, June 11

08:00-13:00     Registration

08:40-08:45     Welcome greetings

08:45-09:00     Swedish Minister for Justice and Migration M. Johansson

09:00-09:15     Introductory notes

09:15-09:45     Music: L. Lampenius, violin & C. E. Nilsson, piano

09:45-10:30     COFFEE AND POSTERS

10:30-12:00     General session

12:00-13:00     LUNCH

13:00-13:45     Invited lecture: Review of postmortem biochemistry (C. Palmiere)

13:45-15:00     General session

15:00-15:30     COFFEE AND POSTERS

15:30-16:30     Parallel session 1A

15:30-16:15     Parallel session 1B

16:30-17:00     BREAK

17:00-18:00     Vendor workshops

18:00-19:30     Bring your own slides session

Friday, June 12

08:00-10:30     Registration

08:30-10:00     Parallel session 2A – Symposium on Forensic Aspects of Child Homicides

08:30-10:00     Parallel session 2B

10:00-10:30     COFFEE AND POSTERS

10:30-12:00     Parallel session 3A

10:30-11:15     Invited lecture: Review of forensic histopathology (R. Dettmeyer)

10:30-12:00     Parallel session 3B

12:00-13:00     LUNCH

13:00-16:15     Parallel session 4A

13:00-13:30     Invited lecture: Reflections and Reminiscences About the History of Forensic Toxicology in Sweden (A.W. Jones)

13:30-14:00     Invited lecture: Nordic meetings in forensic toxicology the past 20 years (J. Kristinsson)

14:00-16:15     NAFT annual meeting and general assembly

13:00-14:45     Parallel session 4B

14:45-15:30     COFFEE AND POSTERS

15:30-16:45     Parallel session 4B continued

19:00-23:00     BANQUET

Saturday, June 13

8:30-10:00       General session

10:00-10:15     STRETCH YOUR LEGS

10:15-11:15     General session


Detailed program with abstract titles and authors can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below

The program may be subject to changes

Scientific program NCFM-NAFT 2015